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Grumpii 3D Printable Art Toy File - Grumpii Cat

Grumpii 3D Printable Art Toy File - Grumpii Cat

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Just a Grumpii Cat with smol knife, ready to samurai slash your grumpy day. So you better smile or be samurai slashed!!!!!


  • Grumpii Cat

What is in the zip file?

  1. Lychee slicer file
  2. Unsupported STL
  3. Presupported STL

This model is intended for PERSONAL USE ONLY.

Only a GRUMP MERCHANT from my Patreon is eligible to sell the physical printed model. For more info on Commercial License, please head to my Patreon, and check the "About" and "Membership Tiers"

*Once the purchase is made, NO REFUND. Please only make the purchase if you agree with this policy.*

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