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Grumpii Dinosaur - Carno

Grumpii Dinosaur - Carno

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Grumpii Carno is very energetic and very curious, he always tries things out and often fails. Things never happened the way Carno has imagined them, so much to the point he's always grumpy. It may sound like Carno is an unhappy dinosaur but that's not true, he's always happy, and he just looks grumpy. He loves boba and chocolate, the one with almonds, he doesn't eat the one without almonds.

Carno is here to show you that life is tough out there, that there are things that make you feel grumpy, but Carno wants to remind you that Grumpii is creating cute and grumpy-looking dinos to help you see something not very positive as something cute and treat it like a normal thing. When you feel down or grumpy, just look at Carno and let it reminds you that grumpy is cute, that is nothing negative about it. Grumpii Carno is here to bring you smiles.

  • Size: 3" Tall
  • Material: Resin
  • Limited Edition: 100pcs

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