1. What kind of product does Grumpii offer?

  • We offer 2 types of product here, physical products and digital products.

2. What kind of physical product do we have?

  • Plushy
  • Art Toy
  • PIY Toy (paint-it-yourself)

3. What kind of digital product do we have?

  • STL files for 3D printing.

4. Do you ship worldwide?

  • Yes, please head to Grumpii Etsy shop for international shipping

5. How long does it take for my item to arrived?

  • 2~5 days with USPS First Class
  • 2~3 days with USPS Priority
  • 2~4 weeks with UPSP First Class (International)

6. Can I print your models with FDM printers?

  • The models I made for resin printers but they can also be printed with FDM printers, you just have to set up the support on your own.

7. How often do you release a new product?

  • 90% of the products on our store are designs and handmade by an individual, therefore there is no way to provide you the specific date about the drop. If there is any new products being released, an announcement will be made 2 or 3 days ahead on social media.